This Side of Paradise, Page 2

Faces can’t have sound effects but if they could they would be *TROLL* and *SMUG* for panels 3 and 4, respectively.

Next week: Word gets out!


Panel 1: Two girls sit in a messy bedroom, one on the bed, and one on the floor. There are piles of clothes on the bed and posters all over the walls. The girls are dressed in homebody clothes: hoodies and sweatpants. The girl on the bed appears to be Molly, the girl Nate was texting. She is gleefully looking down at her phone. The other girl is also on her phone, but is looking up at Molly kind of concerned. Girl: Was that mystery boy? Molly: Mmhmm! Girl: It still blows my mind that you're letting some guy you don't even know spend the night. Panel 2: Molly flops forward on the bed to bring her face closer to the other girl. The other girl turns back to her phone, frowning even more. (SFX: flop!) Molly: Oh come on, Elise. I've talked to this guy about everything. It's not like he's going to murder me or anything. Elise: Yeah, well you better believe I'm keeping my bat at the ready in case Norman Bates tries to pull something. Panel 3: Molly flips over so that she is now upside-down. She has a mischievous look on her face. Elise continues to look frowny and neutral to Molly's comments. (SFX: flip!) Molly: Well you might wanna find some earplugs. Just in case our animalistic sex howls get in the way of your beauty sleep. Elise: Gross. Clifford just texted me. Wanna go chill with him? Molly: Sure, lemme just throw some real clothes on. Panel 4: A caption reads "20 MINUTES LATER." Molly, Elise, and Clifford are walking down the sidewalk. Clifford looks outraged, Elise looks pleased, and Molly looks frustrated and embarrassed, her shoulders hunched up around her ears. Elise and Molly have changed, though Molly's clothes don't seem to have changed much. Molly looks much more dolled up, wearing make-up and jewelry. Clifford sports a mohawk and hoodie-t-shirt combo. Clifford: WHAT THE FUCK?! You've never even met the guy?!? Molly: We've Skyped!
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