This Side of Paradise, Page 18

In which Nate tries to pass off being a spaz as being a cool guy. Or something.

I realized on this page that my natural default for drawing Nate’s face is to draw him with a semi-apologetic look on his face. Like, “Geez, I’m sorry I’m such a dork, I hope I can make up for it later.”

It fits, though.

On an unrelated note, I’m still working through my software woes, and until I can come up with a reasonable solution to my desire for the Adobe Suite, I’m using this neat free program called Fire Alpaca, which isn’t the greatest and is a little laggy, but hey — it’s free software.

I recommend giving it a try! It’s pretty good overall.

Also, I apologize because I know that Thursday isn’t Tuesday, and I will get better at updating on Tuesday every week. My job’s schedule keeps throwing me for a loop. Who knew working with children for 8 hours would leave you drained when you come home?